nFusion API Get historical benchmark prices for requested metals

nFusion Solutions - Get historical benchmark prices for requested metals

Historical OHLC data for the specified period and interval size The combination of the interval parameter and start and end dates can result in results being truncated to conform to result size limits. See comments on interval parameter for details on valid interval values. The historicalfx flag is used to determine whether to apply today's fx rates to a historical period, or to apply the historical rates from that same time frame.

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nFusion Solutions ecosystem of products and solutions lets you power your apps, websites and software with precious metals market data directly from exchanges around the world. Built on the Azure Cloud platform, nFusion delivers a reliable and scalabl...

Curl command through

curl -v "{version}/Metals/benchmark/history?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}¤cy={field_value}&end={field_value}&format={field_value}&historicalfx={field_value}&interval={field_value}&metals={field_value}&start={field_value}&token={field_value}&unitofmeasure={field_value}"

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